our trainees

"I enjoyed the experience of getting away from town - I have never seen Murrayfield before and it was a great opportunity to be a part of the program.

I felf myself becoming a role model for the younger participants."

Lyn Smith

ILC Murrayfield

Balancing productivity with protection

SeederMurrayfield Station is an iconic Tasmanian farming property on Bruny Island (Australia), operated by the Indigenous Land Corporation (ILC), that grows premium lamb and fine wool from sheep that have not been mulesed.

Murrayfield works to the ideals of valuing its rich Aboriginal cultural heritage while working as a sheep station and respecting its biodiverse environment, in conjunction with Weetapoona Aboriginal Corporation.

The station is also a venue for Aboriginal people undertaking agriculture and land management training, hosts Aboriginal cultural workshops and offers accommodation for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people.

Natash and RodneyCaring for Aboriginal land

Protection of environmental and Aboriginal cultural sites is an important consideration in the operation of Murrayfield. (At left) Weetapoona Aboriginal Corporation Chairman Rodney Dillon and Murrayfield trainee and Tasmanian trainee of the year 2009 Natasha Hill inspecting a grass tree site on Murrayfield.